The Show Must Go On

Harry K. Daver



Harry was a sideshowman, a real P.T.Barnum. He had some real great acts, too…Rosa the Chimp Girl, The Pinhead Twins “Rydy” and “Lefty”, even Gonzo the Geek a spider-eating wildman. But, Harry also loved to drink! Drinkin’ made him nasty, and folks didn’t stick around ol’ Harry for very long. His acts took off with another sideshow and left him alone with bills to pay and debts to make good on. Before he knew it, he was destitute.

The gutter had a determining effect on Harry. While he was in it, he met Mini Morty, a conniving little clown tossed out of the very show Harry’s folks had joined up with. Together, they created an act with Morty as a wisecracking ventriloquist dummy and Harry as the straight man puppet master. It was a big hit. Their success got Harry to sober up when they found a long running gig.Try as he might to stay on the wagon, the bottle kept calling Harry back. He became as abusive to Morty as he had to all those before him. Morty needed Harry, but not like this. He arranged a brief hiatus from the stage to deal with this little problem creatively.

When they returned, the act had taken on a new twist. And ol’ Harry, well…he never drank again.

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